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Digital Transformation 2017

Digital technology has made a profound impact on business: it has disrupted organisational structures, created new revenue streams and fundamentally changed the way businesses engage with their customer base. Advancements in analytics, the increasing capability of mobile and the rise of Cloud have completely disrupted traditional models - but the technology only forms half of the picture - transformation requires a change in mindset accompanied by a genuine cultural shift.

This conference will bring together technologists, digital leaders and marketers to discuss business transformation. The programme will feature an array of informative presentations, giving a practical insight on key areas of digital strategy and implementation. The event will also offer a unique opportunity to share best practice and discuss the issues that matter to you in a friendly, open forum. Some businesses let digital happen around them, others embrace the challenge and are actively addressing the culture, skills, people and processes that will drive their success. The opportunity is there, come along and learn how to take it

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