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2023 Speakers

2023 Conference Agenda

SESSION 1 - Re-Watch on YouTube

The opening session will consider what digital transformation really means in a complex, modern-day, enterprise environment. We will consider how we optimise process, mitigate friction and maximise the positive outcomes for the business. We will also explore how we can merge legacy systems and process with new technology and thinking, and drive meaningful change in a way that is empathetic and people focussed.

09:15     Welcome and Introduction

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:25    Empathetic Architecture

Connor Boyle, Principal Data Architect, Aegon

09:45    Technology Teams as Key Enablers for Wholescale Organisational Transformation

Nana Fifield, VP Product & Engineering, Pricemoov

10:05     Embracing Innovation: What are the Ideas Shaping the Future?

Stephen Bosarge, Senior Director, Dell Technologies

10:25     Combined Q&A

10:55     Refreshments and Networking



Session 2 will explore a variety of key topics in a smaller and more interactive breakout setting. The breakouts will be run in longer 30-minute slots across three parallel streams, providing delegates the opportunity to attend two options live. The alternative breakouts will be accessible on-demand post-event.


11:30   First Breakout Option (A-C)

A: Lessons From the Front Line: Reflections on the Changing Face of Digital Transformation - Re-Watch on YouTube

  • Before there was digital – how technology forced change

  • Change as a constant and how transformation must adapt to changing expectations

  • The four facets of Digital transformation: People, Process, Systems, Data

  • Our role as drivers of digital transformation

  • Advice based upon experience

Beth Lawton, CDIO, University of Strathclyde

B: Conversational AI: Potential, Limitations and the Future - Re-Watch on YouTube

  • The maturation of Conversational AI

  • Potential for understanding customer and process optimisation

  • Limitations of the technology

  • Future directions

Alexandra Birch, Reader in NLP, University of Edinburgh & Chief Scientist, Aveni AI

C: Digital Transformation in Crisis - Re-Watch on YouTube 

  • A deep dive into digital transformation in the UK

  • The impact of AI, skills shortages and burnout

  • Practical tips to deal with the impact of AI, skills shortages and burnout 

Rich Wilson, CEO, Gigged.AI

12:00  Transition

12:10   Second Breakout Option (D-F)

D. Mastering High-Stakes on the Crest of the Advancing Technology Wave - Re-Watch on YouTube

  • Anticipating the Future: Quality Engineering Surfs Ahead of Risk with Proactive Prevention Strategies

  • Riding the Technological Surge: Quality Engineering's Swift Detection and Response in High-Stakes Scenarios

  • Catching Opportunities in the Breakers: Quality Engineering's Role in Recovery and Continuous Improvement Amid the Advancing Technology Wave

  • Navigating Success in the Tech Current: Aligning Quality Engineering with Business Objectives for High-Stakes Triumph

Anna McMillan, Head of QAT, 2i Testing

E: Bridging Data Silos Through a Data Marketplace - Re-Watch on YouTube

Extracting the true value from data is a key challenge for many enterprises. A lack of accurate business insights not only impedes decision-making at a tactical and strategic level, but it can also negatively impact overall performance and success.


Gopalan Rajagopalan, Head of Scotland, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

F: Are you working with a cracked shop window? - Re-Watch on Youtube 

In today’s world anyone who’s anyone has a website. They are a key transaction source for many organisations but are often under-performing and outdated. Sometimes they are a forgotten entity until a site goes down, then it’s an emergency. Websites are often seen as Marketing’s responsibility, but is this the reality? Join us as we share insights from a recent report and discuss:

  • Are we taking websites seriously enough?

  • Breaking down barriers between IT, Security and Marketing Teams

  • Best strategies for all teams: Functionality, security and compliance

Gary Roberts, CRO, Forrit

​12:40    Lunch & Networking


SESSION 3 - Re-Watch on YouTube

The afternoon session will focus on leveraging new technology and data to support tangible business improvement, whilst avoiding some of the common pitfalls of digital transformation. We will look at how to take a truly user-centric approach to implementation; how to ensure that your cloud strategy empowers and doesn’t inhibit transformation, and how to make sure your data programme delivers genuine value and impact across the business.

13:30    People Don't Care About Your Digital Transformation - They Just Want Their $#!T to Work!

Esther Stringer, MD, Border Crossing UX

13:50     Building for Flexibility & Control: An Agnostic Approach to Multi-Cloud

Neill Smith, Head of Infrastructure, The Scottish Government

14:10    Leveraging Tech & Data to Improve Performance, Fan Experience & Commercial Impact

James Mullins, Head of Data & Insights, Scottish Rugby

Charlie Simpson, Head of Business Development, Scottish Rugby


14:30     Combined Q&A

15:00     Close of Session

15:00     Networking Drinks Reception


16:30     Close of Conference


*The conference agenda is provisional and subject to change

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