6th Annual Digital Transformation Summit

To be held in hybrid format on
Thursday 28th October 2021 | 
08:30 - 16:30
At Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh and on our Virtual Platform. 
The must-attend conference for the IT & Digital community with keynote talks, breakouts and an exhibition hall.
Free to attend for end users working in IT/ Digital roles  

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The Summit 

Organisations are changing, the rapid pace of the digital world has necessitated a fundamental shift in mindset. Digital has disintermediated markets; disrupted organisational structures, created new risks and new revenue streams and fundamentally altered the way businesses engage with their customer.

The most influential companies of our age share a common ability to understand two things effectively: people and technology. In these turbulent times, success is increasingly defined by the ability to respond to the fast-changing landscape, and exceed the expectations of the people we serve.

DT 2021 will contextualise the key technology trends and industry disruption amidst a backdrop of significant socio-economic upheaval. The event will also consider the role of IT and Digital leaders in driving positive transformation, exploring how we can help support operations, drive innovation, overcome challenges, and deliver tangible business benefits.

Core themes:

•    Landscape: The Covid Effect, Tech Trends, Sustainable Goals
•    Process: Strategy, Structure, Agile, DevOps

•    Impact: Efficiency, Optimisation, Business Outcomes
•    Design: Customer Centricity, UX, Functionality
•    Disruptive Technologies: Analytics, AI, ML, Voice 
•    People: Culture, Collaboration, Leadership, Empowerment, Values


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DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest independent business technology community in Scotland. We run an extensive series of virtual conferences and online events focused on core areas of emerging Technology, Digital and IT. We also run Scotland's leading IT & Digital News Platform www.digit.fyi with over 100,000 page views per month.

The virtual events provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange, drawing stakeholders together to explore best practice, technological innovation and business outcomes. Our conferences attract a senior delegate following and have become renowned as an important forum for high-level networking.

​We are delighted to announce that DIGIT will be running our conference programme in a virtual environment. Not only will you be able to enjoy our full events line-up, but you’ll be able to log-in remotely and join us from anywhere in the world.










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The opening session will contextualise the defining digital trends amidst a challenging socio-economic backdrop; considering the changes impacting companies, customers and the wider national landscape. The focus will then turn to look at how organisations are transforming, and how digital is helping organisations to adapt, navigate disruption, and accelerate the recovery.

09:00    Welcome and Introduction
Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland

09:05    Ministerial Address
Kate Forbes MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, The Scottish Government

09:15    Individual Q&A

09:25    The Age of Relevance: 6 Themes for the Future
•    From Pixelated person to High Definition Human
•    Digital vs Physical
•    The Ethics Challenge
•    The era of Living Services
•    Interaction Etiquette
•    Design Evolves

Mark Curtis, Head of Innovation, Accenture Interactive

09:40    Organisational Transformation and Entrepreneurial Thinking
•    Organisational transformation and future strategy at Lloyds
•    How digital transformation has been impacted by COVID-19 
•    How entrepreneurial thinking will help digital leaders in challenging times

Louise Smith, CDO, Lloyds

09:55    Combined Q&A
10:20    Break 

Session 2 will consider how digital programmes can be effectively leveraged to deliver tangible results; examining how digital strategy can be successfully executed to drive positive customer outcomes, help solve business challenges and maximise organisational impact. 

10:35   Mapping Success: Driving Valuable Transformation in Extraordinary Circumstances
•    Learn how the pandemic and other extraordinary circumstances have affected human behaviour and the adoption of technology in 2020
•    Discover how to objectively assess and communicate your transformational vision against the backdrop of unprecedented change
•    How to use a transformation canvas to re-establish your goals and priorities based on ROI
•    Deliver organisational efficiency and better customer outcomes by embedding a user centred culture in your organisation

Esther Stringer, Managing Director, Border Crossing UX

10:50    Using AI to Solve Real Business Problems
•    About Lingo24 and our business challenges
•    How we use AI / ML
•    How to get started
•    Where is the future heading?

David Meikle, CTO, Lingo24

11:05   Digital Impact
•    Ethics
•    Business Ambition
•    A new era for digital in local government
•    Strategic priorities for 2019-2022
•    Delivery

Martyn Wallace, CDO, Digital Office, Scottish Local Government 

11:20    Combined Q&A
11:50    Break

The session will provide a choice of four topics run in a smaller breakout environment. Delegates will select one option to attend live, and the other presentations will be available to watch on demand post-event. These presentations are LIVE and include the opportunity for delegates to chat and participate in the Q&A.

12:05    Breakout Selection
12:35     Lunch Break

A. Seize the Moment: Build Your Modern Intelligent Workplace

•    There is no such thing as the ‘New Normal’. The only ‘normality’ is a prolonged period of volatile, unpredictable change.
•    On a more positive note, COVID-19 has unfrozen many of the constraints of the past, the routines, habits, norms and ways of doing things. It has highlighted the major deficiencies in our ‘industrial age’, bureaucratic approaches to leadership, management, technology and organisation.
•    We have been presented with a once in a life-time opportunity for driving change and transformation, excising the legacy technology and legacy leadership/ management approaches that stifle innovation.
•    Use the content of this session to evaluate your organisation’s Digital Dexterity – your readiness to seize the moment by building the Modern Intelligent Workplaces essential for survival and growth in a VUCAD world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous and DIGITAL?

Dr Stephen Beer  - Managing Director, Bridgeall
Dr Jim Hamill  - Transformation Advisor, Bridgeall

B. Using Digital Channels to Transform customer experience

Even before the events of this year consumers and organisations alike were enthusiastically embracing digital channels as a way to augment and improve customer experiences across a range of sectors. Driven by both changing consumer attitudes to communication tools and businesses need to support customers in their new online and digital channels, the use of chat - by both humans and AI "bots" - and other social and messaging channels is rising, presenting both an alternative and an augmentation to traditional voice and email communications.

In this session, Maintel's Chief Strategy Office Rufus Grig, reveals some of Maintel's recent consumer research into digital engagement, and provides practical tips in making digital work for your organisation. Delegates attending this session will:

•    Gain valuable insights into changing consumer attitudes to service over digital channels, with brand new research carried out during summer & autumn 2020,
•    Understand which channels are most effective for which types of interaction
•    Explore how digital channels can aid the move to remote working for contact centre employees
•    See how AI driven chatbots can supplement and enhance live interactions

Rufus Grig, Chief Strategy Officer, Maintel

C. Building Digital Products: You don’t know what you need, until you need it!

•    Lessons from the front: taking clients on a journey from what they think they want to what they know they need.
•    How to avoid writing bad digital product briefs
•    What you can do to ensure product success

Ben Hutton, Managing Director, xDesign

D. Transformation...Now?...How?...Why?

•    Transformation isn’t about improving…it’s about re-thinking…
•    Challenges with expectations, budgets and Bi-modal IT
•    So many clouds…
•    Top down or Bottom up?

James Sturrock, Systems Engineering Manager, Nutanix

12:35    Lunch


Organisational expectations are changing: in the last decade we have seen a significant shift in consumer attitudes accompanied by an increased scrutiny of brand values, trust and ethical responsibility. The closing session will explore how business is responding, and how technology and transformation can be leveraged to improve sustainability and environmental impact.

13:30    Embedding Sustainability Strategy

•    Exploring key social and environmental trends and how they are impacting business
•    Understanding risks and rewards
•    Embedding sustainability into business strategy and communications
•    Identifying who needs to be involved within the organisation
•    What do measures of success look like

Betsy Reed, Author & Sustainability Strategist

13:45    Delivering Digital Transformation to Save the Planet
•    The role of Transmission and why we need to change
•    Digital Transformation is not a ‘nice to have’ it’s a regulated deliverable
•    Opportunities and threats of being behind the curve
•    The SHE Transmission transformation journey
•    What’s next?

Iain Dougan, Head of IT, SSE

14:00    The ‘Bindustrial Revolution’: Leveraging Digital Innovation for Sustainable Improvement
•    Expectations are changing: sustainability has become an increasingly important issue 
•    Leveraging technology and innovation for environmental benefits
•    WasteTech: solving the rubbish problem
•    Data capture and analysis allows better visibility, tracking and transparency 
•    Rethinking business models and value chains to be more accountable, circular and sustainable

Michael Groves, CEO, Topolytics

14:15    Combined Q&A
14:50    Closing Remarks
14:55    Exhibition and Networking
16:30    Conference Ends

*The conference agenda is provisional and subject to revision.

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