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 Thursday 26th March 2020 
 Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh 

5th Annual Digital Transformation Summit

The Conference 

Business is changing: digital technology has permeated every facet of the enterprise, completely transforming the way we work. Digital has disintermediated markets, disrupted organisational structures, created new risks and new revenue streams, while fundamentally altering the way businesses engage with their customer.

There is no coincidence that the most influential companies of our age share a common ability to harness technology effectively. In these exciting and turbulent times, success is increasingly defined by the ability to respond to the fast changing digital landscape, it has become a key distinguisher between growth and obscurity.

DT 2020 will contextualise key digital trends and explore the underlying process of organisational change. The conference is geared towards senior technologists and digital leaders, providing an insightful peer-led environment and a crucial forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and high-level networking.

This is the largest annual Digital Transformation conference held in Scotland - with 300 attendees in 2019. The event is supported by ScotlandIS and is free for qualifying delegates to attend. 

Core themes:

  • Landscape: Key Technology, Business and Consumer Trends

  • Process: Strategy, Structure, Lean, Agile

  • Engagement: Marketing, CRM, Social Media, Content

  • Design: Customer Centricity, UX, UI

  • Disruptive technologies: Analytics, AI, ML, Voice, Blockchain

  • People: Culture, Collaboration, Leadership, Empowerment




2019 Sponsors & Exhibitors (2020 Coming Soon)


DIGIT has rapidly grown into the largest independent business technology community in Scotland. We run an extensive series of conferences focused on core areas of emerging technology, Digital and IT. We now provide news, views and opinion via to over 30,000 users monthly

The events provide a unique platform for knowledge exchange, drawing stakeholders together to explore best practice, technological innovation and business outcomes. Our conferences attract a senior delegate following and have become renowned as an important forum for high-level networking.


2019 Speakers

(2020 Speakers Coming Soon)

Deputy Head of Ecommerce, Schuh
Managing Director, iProspect
Director of Engineering, Skyscanner
Digital Lead, Alzheimer Scotland
Head of Digital Experience, Brand Scotland
CEO, deltaDNA
Digital Lead, Alzheimer Scotland
Agile & DevOps CoE Lead, RBS
Digital Lead, Alzheimer Scotland
CTO, Hutchinson Networks
Technical Director, Squiz
BBC Scotland
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The opening session will explore defining digital trends and illustrate the practical impact they are having across the enterprise; from customer engagement and trust, to decision making, strategy and Ecommerce.


09:20     Welcome

  • Welcome and Introduction from the Conference Chair

Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster


09:30     Trust: The Issue of Our Age

  • Future Focus: key priorities to thrive in the digital economy

  • The rise of the attention economy

  • Trust has become a definitive consumer priority - ‘the’ issue of our age

  • Managing growth with integrity

  • Relevance in the age of noise

  • Delivering individual experiences with people-based marketing

Anneli Ritari-Stewart, Managing Director, iProspect

09:50     Making the Shift to Data-Influenced Decisions

  • The evolution of analytics and data tools

  • The increasing role of data in decision making and strategy

  • Turning data into business insight

  • Machine Learning and process automation

Inez Hogarth, Managing Director, Data Understood


10:10     “50 Shades of Black or White”: Redesigning the Schuh Website

  • The why’s and how’s of a major website change

  • The process of testing and validating change

  • The lessons learned

Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of Ecommerce, Schuh

10:30     Q&A

11:00     Refreshments, Exhibition and Networking



Session 2 will explore key aspects of digital transformation in a smaller group environment. Four breakout sessions will be run in parallel and then repeated, providing delegates the opportunity to attend two of the options on offer.

11:40    Breakout session 1

12:10    Transition

12:15    Breakout Session 2


Breakout A: A New Era for Data Protection: Converged DR and Backup

•    Protect data with a converged and continuous Disaster Recovery and Backup solution for both short- and long-term data retention
•    Recover quickly from Ransomware, or other unplanned disruptions 
•    Use Continuous Journal-based recovery to give DVR-like abilities to rewind and resume from any point in time to protect against logical and hardware failures, human error, and natural disasters
•    Couple journaling technology with continuous replication to protect and recover files, VMs, applications or even entire data centres and resume from just seconds before an incident – unlike out-of-date backups or snapshots

Nick Williams, Solutions Engineer, Zerto


Breakout B: Enabling Digital Transformation with Secure Infrastructure

•    Why is Digital Transformation different from the IT revolution?
•    What are the key components of a successful Digital Transformation?
•    What are the major enablers of Digital Transformation?
•    How to design infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Stephen Hampton, CTO, Hutchinson Networks


Breakout C: Why digital transformations fail (and how to stop them)

•    The dangers of bias in decision making and how to challenge your own
•    How to stop making assumptions (because they’re making an ass out of you and me)
•    How to successfully build momentum and buy in from Key stakeholders 

Esther Stringer, Managing Director, Border Crossing UX

Breakout D: How digital platforms are stacking up for web 3.0

•    How new platforms, apps, interfaces and computing paradigms are continually pushing boundaries

•    New breeds of solutions that organisations need to deliver engaging digital experiences

•    The transformation of the humble CMS to today’s ever-evolving Digital Experience platform

•    Why all the ‘easy’ problems have been solved, and how to keep pace and capitalise on new solutions in the face of fierce competition.

Josh Somma, Technical Manager, Squiz

12:45    Lunch, Exhibition & Networking


This session will provide an opportunity to attend a longer case study presentation on a specific area of interest. These will cover three distinct sectors and specialisms; Mobile Engagement, Digital Supported Care and Customer Experience.

The three streams will be run in parallel and delegates will select one of the three options to attend.


13:35     Stream 1. Optimising Mobile Engagement: Learning from the Games Industry

  • How the games industry has transformed its approach over the last five years

  • What are the best practices in building mobile engagement

  • How technologies support player management

  • What can be done to protect players online

  • Understanding the recipe book to make mobile games fun and profitable

  • Where these core principles could be applied beyond a games environment

Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA


13:35     Stream 2. Using Digital Solutions to Support Dementia Care

  • A Rights based approach - The Technology Charter

  • The last 5 years has seen a concerted shift towards digital solutions to support care

  • Promoting independent living, assisting and complementing care and support

  • Using data to offer more personalised experiences

  • Co-producing future systems utilising AI, VR and AR technologies

Nicola Cooper, Digital Lead, Alzheimer Scotland
Charlotte Swarbrick, Digital Lead, Alzheimer Scotland
Gillian Anderson, Digital Lead, Alzheimer Scotland


13:35     Stream 3. Bringing Customer Experience into Nation Branding

  • Brand Scotland’s Digital Transformation Journey

  • How customer engagement has evolved in line with digital technology

  • Creating a more seamless and rewarding user experience

  • Realigning the technology stack

  • Using data analytics and tools to improve personalisation

  • Supporting the wider business objectives of the campaign

Natalya Ratner, Head of Digital Experience, Brand Scotland


14:15     Transition to the main hall


Amid a constantly changing digital landscape, agility, adaptability and scalability is increasingly vital. Our final session will look at agile values and leadership, from the core agile principles and behaviours to delivering autonomy and alignment at scale.

14:20     Agile Cults and Religions: Don’t Join One  

  • Agile has become a key beacon to guide better ways of working

  • But Agile values and principles are being forgotten in places of rituals and words

  • Introducing the 5th Agile value

  • Mindsets & behaviours guided by value and principle – over methods, practices & tools

Tony Christensen, Agile & DevOps Centre of Excellence Lead, RBS


14:40     Scaling of Autonomy and Alignment

  • Methodology for addressing autonomy and alignment

  • Process for translating goals into outcomes

  • Effective communication through the organisation

  • Acceleration through adaptation

  • Operating in a complex system

  • Intent-based leadership

 Dwayne Pascal, Director of Engineering, Skyscanner


 15:00     Panel and Q&A

  • Mark Robinson, CEO, deltaDNA

  • Gillian Anderson, Digital Lead, Alzheimer Scotland

  • Natalya Ratner, Head of Digital Experience, Brand Scotland

  • Dwayne Pascal, Director of Engineering, Skyscanner

  • Tony Christensen, Agile & DevOps Centre of Excellence Lead, RBS


15:30     Closing Remarks

15:35     Networking Drinks Reception

17:00     Close of Conference

*The conference agenda is provisional and subject to change and revision

2019 Agenda

(2020 Agenda Coming Soon)

(2020 Agenda Coming Soon)



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Digital Transformation Summit 2020 is an end-user event with a criteria for free attendance Please read before registering.


This event is free to attend only for IT/Digital personnel working in the end user market (e.g. CIO’s, CDO’s, IT Directors, IT Managers, Transformation Directors, ‘Heads’ of Digital, Security, Architecture, Infrastructure etc).

If you are outwith this criteria, or work for an organisation which sells IT/Digital/Marketing services (a vendor) or consultancy or recruitment, a £199 + VAT delegate fee applies for this one day event. 

Delegate Terms and Conditions
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Substitutions will be accepted if notified in writing before the event.  It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisers to alter the content and the timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers. Where conferences are free to attend, a £99 + VAT charge will be levied should the delegate fail to attend on the day and not notify the organisers before the specified time & date.
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